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OCL sponsors several events throughout the year to help UF students to be successful living off campus. See below for details on our upcoming events.

Discover Gainesville

How would you like to explore local Gainesville hotspots on and off campus each month for free? Now with Off Campus Life’s newest event series, Discover Gainesville, you can get to experience new venues, food and culture around town guided by local experts.  OCL will pay for all tickets and admission costs. Below are the dates, times and locations of the local hotspots we will feature in Spring 2014, RSVP information can be found below each event.

Murder at the Deadwood Saloon

What is a Murder Mystery?
A Murder Mystery is a party in which attendees dress, act, and play along as a preassigned character. At the event each person will be given the Deadwood Gazette, objectives to complete, and their character description. 

How does it work?
Each character must act and dress their part in order to complete their assigned objectives throughout the night. As characters interact with each other, new information will be revealed that can allow participants to guess who the murderer is. The victim will not know they are the victim until they get to the party, and the murderer will not know they are the murderer until after the victim has passed. 

How will I know how to dress?
Characters will be assigned within the two weeks leading up to the event. Each actor will receive a character sheet with a full description and recommended attire.

What will the night look like?
The Murder Mystery will begin promptly at 6:30, please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to start time in order to allow time for check in. All content will occur between 6:30 – 8:30 pm; Characters must be available for the full extent of the event. If you are not available for the entire time, you may still attend without a character assignment.

Will there be food?
Appetizers and refreshments will be provided. 

Reserve your spot by October 13!

College Park Rental Welcome

Each fall the OCL partners with the City of Gainesville Code Enforcement, Solid Waste Division and Gainesville Police Department to conduct the annual College Park Rental Welcome. City and university staff pair up and go door-to-door to welcome UF students living in rental houses in the College Park area near campus and provide them with educational materials and answer their questions. The educational materials include safety and crime prevention information, garbage disposal and recycling tips, information about city codes and state statutes and OCL’s magazine, the Gator Guide. This two-day event is a great way to connect with students who might be new to the Gainesville area, home maintenance and being responsible neighbors.

Off-Campus Housing Presentations

Off-Campus Housing presentations are an engaging and interactive way to help students settle concerns and questions about transitioning to life off campus. Appropriate house-searching strategies, budgeting tips, roommate communication tips, and other topics are covered in these 30-45 minute presentations. An open Q & A session follows the presentation. See the Presentation Request Form to request an Off-Campus Housing presentation.

Video Series

How to Ride the Bus in Gainesville

How to Ride the Bus in Gainesville

May 2012,

Here in Gainesville, buses are one of the most common forms of transportation for UF students. Off-campus students use the Regional Transit System (RTS) buses to commute to campus or class, and ride to shopping centers, movie theaters and other Gainesville destinations. Using the bus is really simple and with our help you'll have it down in no time! For more information check out the RTS website at

Hurricane Prep 101

Hurricane Prep 101

Hurricane Season is June 1st - Nov. 30th, Gainesville, Fl.

Prepare for any an emergency or storm with our top four tips for safety and instructions for putting together a hurricane preparedness kit. With some inexpensive supplies and tips from us, we hope you can weather any storm!