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Application Deadline: Friday January 18, 2018 at 4:30PM

Off Campus Ambassadors

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The Off Campus Ambassador (OCA)  mission is to connect students to the on and off campus community by promoting inclusivity, leadership, and involvement.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will improve leadership skills by working on a team in a supportive environment.

  • Students will be able to successfully create educational and fun programming that will improve the lives of students at the University of Florida.

Who are the Off Campus Ambassador?

Off Campus Ambassadors (OCA's) are sponsored by the Office of Off Campus Life (OCL). They facilitate connections between University of Florida students, both on and off campus, to the surrounding community. OCA's assist with events and outreach efforts to help educate students living outside of campus about the City of Gainesville, while providing information on municipal, cultural, social and safety issues.

By participating in Off Campus Life Ambassadors, you will have the opportunity to improve your leadership skills and work on a team in a supportive environment. You will also be able to assist with the production of educational and fun programming that will improve the lives of students at the University of Florida and be able to network with high-level university professionals. OCA’s should be dedicated, creative, eager-to-learn, hard workers, and open to new people and ideas. There are 4 primary areas in which OCA's will serve the Gainesville community: Event Planning, Brand Management, Leadership/ Educational Programming, and Community Relations.

Event Planning: A successful ambassador in this category is one who enjoys and/or desires to grow their skillset in event planning and operational management. These people will work closely with the director of Off Campus life in developing and staffing OCA events. Some of the event planning steps include having the event approved through the Student Activities and Involvement office, advertising, and making sure things go smoothly the day of the event.

Brand Management: These ambassadors will be an integral part of OCL’s marketing and campaign development. They will assist the marketing/social media Graduate Assistant in developing and executing a successful marketing, sales, and branding strategies at off-campus events. The ideal candidates have some experience in social media and print media. These individuals will be responsible for content creation and advocating for OCL resources.

Leadership/Educational Programming: Ambassadors in this area will help serve the student population by providing educational materials and leadership development to the off-campus population. This includes serving at presentations hosted by OCL and developing training materials used to help students thrive in the Gainesville community.

Community Relations: The ambassadors focused on community relations are those who will work with members of the Gainesville community to provide professional development and community service opportunities for students. Ambassadors in this category should have strong interest in working with organization in the Gainesville area. They will be responsible for serving as a liaison between OCL and the Gainesville community.


Application Information: Download the application here, and return to the Off Campus Life office, located at 1304 Diamond Road (inside the UF Housing & Residence Education Office). 

Important Info:

Application deadline:  Friday January 18, 2018 at 4:30PM

  • Off Campus Ambassadors meet monthly and participate in weekly events and tabling outreach.
  • Attendance at monthly meetings is a requirement of being an ambassador. 
  • Please consider your leadership, work, and class commitments before applying to be an Off Campus Ambassador.
  • Selected Off Campus Ambassador applicants will complete a group interview on Tuesday September 25. Please note your selected group interview time in your application. 
  • After a completed application has been submitted and reviewed and the group interview has been completed, an Off Campus Life staff member may contact you to schedule an individual interview. Individual interviews (30 min) will be held on January 23rd from 9am-3:30pm.