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Off Campus Ambassadors


The Off Campus Ambassador (OCA)  mission is to connect students to the on and off campus community by promoting inclusivity, leadership, and involvement.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will improve leadership skills by working on a team in a supportive environment.

  • Students will be able to successfully create educational and fun programming that will improve the lives of students at the University of Florida.

Who are the Off Campus Ambassador?

Off Campus Ambassadors (OCA's) are sponsored by the Office of Off Campus Life (OCL). They facilitate connections between University of Florida students, both on and off campus, to the surrounding community. OCA's assist with events and outreach efforts to help educate students living outside of campus about the City of Gainesville, while providing information on municipal, cultural, social and safety issues.

Application Information:

By participating in Off Campus Ambassadors, you will have the opportunity to improve your leadership skills and work on a team in a supportive environment. You will also be able to assist with the production of educational and fun programming that will improve the lives of students at the University of Florida. OCA’s should be dedicated, creative, eager-to-learn, hard workers, and are open to new people and ideas.

Important Info:

Application deadline: February 28th, 5pm.

  • Applications to be an OCA member open on Monday, February 5th and close on Wednesday, February 28th at 5pm.
  • Off Campus Ambassadors meet monthly and participate in weekly events and tabling outreach.
  • Attendance at meetings and monthly events is a requirement of being a member.
  • Please consider your leadership, work, and class commitments before applying to be an Off Campus Ambassador.
  • Complete the application linked below and email to Jake De Weerd by 5pm on Wednesday, February 28th .
  • Off Campus Ambassador applicants will complete an interview with an OCL staff member as part of the selection process.
  • After a completed application has been submitted (Wednesday, February 28th, 5pm deadline) and reviewed, an Off Campus Life staff member will contact you to schedule an interview.
  • Please bring a copy of your class schedule to your scheduled interview.

To apply click here.