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Meet Our Ambassadors

Off Campus Ambassadors (OCA's) are sponsored by the Office of Off Campus Life (OCL). They facilitate connections between University of Florida students, both on and off campus, to the surrounding community. OCA's assist with events and outreach efforts to help educate students living outside of campus about the City of Gainesville, while providing information on municipal, cultural, social and safety issues.

 Ana Arnillas, Finance

 Lauren Braceras, Psychology

 Macayla Bricarell, Public Relations

 Gabrielle Brown, 

 Victoria Eadie, Public Relations

 Xhulia "Julia" Fiku, Economics

 Jackie Hart, Advertising

 Isabelle Lawrence, Health Education and Behavior

 Alejandra Nossa, Nutritonal Sciences

 Catie Schwartzman, Journalism

 Brooke Thompson, UF Online

Not Pictured: Marisela Benitez


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